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Welcome to VectorAnalytica. Anticipate to Mitigate.

Data Science and ICT-Technology for
Research and Decision Making
VectorAnalytica produces comprehensive solutions for monitoring and tracking a variety of data sources simultaneously. Information from these data sources are then seamlessly integrated as a single system. These include primary data entry through mobile devices; secondary data uploaded from archival files; and continuously updated data from pertinent third-party providers. Each system is modular, flexible, and scalable, and designed to be customizable and interoperable with other systems. End users avoid the tedious task of preparing data for analysis and need no skills in statistical packages, geographic information systems, or other specialized software. With only a few clicks, users generate maps, tables, graphs, forecasts, and other visualization aids to improve research and decision making. We specialize in one-stop solutions for vector borne disease surveillance.




Why VectorAnalytica?

  • Multiplatform

    Web-Based and mobile devices applications can run in UNIX, Windows or Mac OS.

  • Interoperable

    Our software can exchange standardized data format and information with another software

  • Customizable

    Modules and functionalities within each module are contracted in accordance with client’s specifications.

  • Flexible

    Allows quick modifications, configuration changes, additions and substitutions without significant changes in the system’s overall architecture.

  • Scalable

    From neighborhood block to entire country-level or even larger geographic regions, including arbitrary areas with non administrative boundaries as defined by ther customer.

  • Secure

    User access is restricted by user-roll permission to secure cloud storage.

    Antivirus and anti-catastrophe protection by AWS

  • Modular and Simple

    Programmed in modular format and by functionality for easy updating and development.

    User friendly interfaces, no mathematical skills required


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