The White House Workshop, September 21, 2013, Washington DC.
Organized by the Pandemic Prediction and Forecasting Science and
Technology Interagency Working Group.
VectorAnalytica Forecasting Model
  • Barquin and Associates.
  • The Windsor Group
  • Vector Analytica
  • Barquin Holdings
  • Barquin International Corporation of Puerto Rico

Vector Analytica, Inc. is a member of the Barquin International Group

Vector Analytica's Partners



Dr. Ramon Barquin, Barquin International Dr. Barquin is the president of Barquin International, a Washington, DC based IT consulting group. He was also the co-founder and first president of The Data...

Alicia Juarrero - CEO

Dr. Alicia Juarrero, VectorAnalytica President and Founder of VectorAnalytica. With a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Miami, she is currently Associate Scholar at Georgetown University Medical Campus’s Program on...

Eloy Ortiz - Chief Scientific Officer

Currently a Consultant in the University of Miami’s Department of Public Health, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer at VectorAnalytica and led the VectorAnalytica team that was invited to the White...

Kelley Willitts - CFO

Mrs. Kelley Willitts is the Vice President of Finance and Administration for Barquin International and VectorAnalytica. Kelley brings over 25 years of extensive experience in a wide range of leadership, management...

Our Team

Humberto Brito

Associate Research

VectorAnalytica Research Associate. A PhD in mathematics from the University of Beijing, Humberto is currently working on a PostDoc at the School of Aeronautical Engineering in San Carlos, Brazil. With...

Madelayne Martinez


With a BS in Computer Engineering, Madelayne brings 12 years of professional experience -- of which 5 were as university professor -- to her current position as VectorAnalytica’s Webmaster. Madelayne’s...

Ernesto Ortiz

Director of Programming

VectorAnalytica’s Director of Programming is a lead developer with over 6 years programming experience. His areas of expertise include Java, C ++, Javascript, PHP, Drupal and other framework. He has...

Jorge Rivero

Director of Mathematical Modeling

VectorAnalytica's Director of Mathematical Modeling, Jorge has a MS in mathematics from Carlos III University in Madrid. Currently working on his PhD, Jorge specializes in mathematical models for time series forecasting...

Advisory Board

Daniel R. Brooks


Dr. Daniel R. Brooks, University of Toronto Daniel R. Brooks, PhD, FRSC, is Professor Emeritus of Evolutionary Biology at the University of Toronto. Co-author of the critically acclaimed Evolution as...

Aileen Chang


Dr. Aileen Chang, George Washington University Aileen Y. Chang, MD, MSPH is an Assistant Professor of Medicine. She also serves as Assistant Director for Research at GW’s Rodham Institute for Health...

Stephen Guerin


Dr. Stephen Guerin, Redfish Group Stephen Guerin is currently President of Redfish Group, a R&D consultancy based in Santa Fe, New Mexico applying the emerging science of Complex Adaptive Systems. His...

Guillermo Gutierrez


Dr. Guillermo Gutierrez, George Washington University Guillermo Gutierrez, MD, PhD is board-certified in Pulmonary Disease, Internal Medicine, and Critical Care Medicine. He is a professor of Medicine, Anesthesiology and Engineering at The...

Justin Stoler


Dr. Justin Stoler, University of Miami Professor Stoler's research explores the geographic patterns of urban health disparities, particularly in the developing world, and environmental influences on social and behavioral epidemiology. He...

Dr. Michael Telson


Dr. Michael Telson, Former CFO, U.S. Department of Energy Dr. Telson is presently Vice President for Energy programs at General Atomics of San Diego, CA. in its DC office. Before that,...