- VectorDataSynergy
- VectorEntry
- TrashWatch
- ResourceLocator

On any device,
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Modular and Simple
Web and Mobile Apps
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General Features

  • Multiplatform

    Web-Based and mobile devices applications can run in UNIX, Windows or Mac OS.

  • Modular and Simple

    Programmed in modular format and by functionality for easy updating and development.

    User friendly interfaces, no mathematical skills required

  • Customizable

    Modules and functionalities within each module are contracted for according to client’s specifications.

  • Flexible

    Allows quick modifications, configuration changes, additions and substitutions without significant changes in the system’s overall architecture.

  • Scalable

    From neighborhood block to entire country-level or even larger geographic regions, including arbitrary areas with non administrative boundaries as defined by ther customer.

  • Secure

    User access is restricted by user-roll permission to secure cloud storage.

    Antivirus and anti-catastrophe protection by AWS

Products at your fingertips

  • ResourceLocator
    Resource Locator is an application that helps users retrieve information and obtain referrals to about service providers...
  • VectorEntry
    VectoEntry (project to product). A mobile device application for vector surveillance. VectorEntry is a companion data collection app of the VectorDataSynergy platform.
  • TrashWatch
    Application to report potential breeding sites of various types of vectors. Available in web or mobile platform.

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