ResourceLocator: Find the resources you need — FAST!
Quickly retrieve information and obtain referrals about service providers.

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ResourceLocator Overview

Resource Locator is an application that helps users retrieve information about (and obtain referrals to) service providers. Through the web app, counselors can also provide better service to call-in customers
Hotline counselors, for example, need only enter the caller’s stated location (physical address, zip code only, or right click on map) and enter needs category according to a pre-specified taxonomy. Resource Locator will quickly generate a map with locations of nearby providers (ordered by distance from the client).
ResourceLocator would be an invaluable tool for citizens and responders alike during natural disasters or national emergencies.

Google Chrome is recommended but ResourceLocator also works with Mozilla Firefox. (Due to Google’s development technology, some items are not compatible with Internet Explorer.)

♦ The provider data base is only for Miami (FL) area.

Here's a 4-minute video overview

For more details, consult the User Manual

Also available in Spanish

ResourceLocator Custom Features

  • Integrate phone service record with counselor documentation record for each incoming call
  • Automatically register the phone line from which any particular call enters (whether it came in directly to 211 or to a dedicated hotline, for example)
  • Call documentation module (for clients of software providers – such as Service Point — that do not provide records of each call)
  • Service Provider and Funder subscription modules (allows subscribers to generate real-time statistics and forecasts for their particular areas of interest – see below “Generate Statistical Reports”)
  • Automatically convert physical addresses to GPS coordinates
  • Integrate GoogleMaps’s route calculation feature (to obtain preferred route and means of transport to the service provider’s location)
  • Export provider search results to the caller (including map and route) by email
  • Generate Interactive Maps of the various data entered into system, filtered either by date, by any administrative or other geographical area distribution, or according any other variable(s) requested:
  • Call distribution (by incoming phone line)
  • Spatial distribution of callers (by need as per pre-specified taxonomy)
  • Comparative maps (by either date range or geographic area)
  • Cluster maps (by need, language, age, gender, race, or any other variable)
  • All of these maps can be generated at any geographic scale as defined by the client, independent of official jurisdictional boundaries.
  • Generate Statistical Reports: Tables, frequency and statistical analyses as needed.
  • Trend and Forecasting models. Very useful for decision making
  • Customized mobile apps (such as with implemented voice search for persons with vision disabilities)
Improved Service Quality through ResourceLocator.

Customers will appreciate it!