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An analytics engine for vector-borne diseases
VectorDataSynergy: Data Collection, Analysis and Reporting –with just a few clicks
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VectorDataSynergy Overview

VectorDataSynergy Basic is an open access web platform populated with official surveillance data on zika, dengue and chikungunya as reported by a number of countries. This platform adds other vector-transmitted diseases as adequate data becomes available.
VectorDataSynergy facilitates access to data and analytic tools by integrating them into a single platform. Doing so is essential to good epidemiological analysis, but is usually performed by experts using a variety of software products. With VectorDataSynergy users can generate sophisticated epidemiological analysis without specialized skills in either professional packages such as SAS, SPSS, ArcGIS, Matlab, or in programming.
With only a few clicks users can generate maps, graphs, tables, bar plots, forecasts, and simulations that improve risk assessment and support more effective decision making.
VectorAnalytica provides a free BASIC version of VectorDataSynergy for those interested in test-driving its functionalities. VectorDataSynergy Pro is for customers who request a system configured according to their needs and specifications. For more information
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Google Chrome is recommended but VectorDataSynergy also works with Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari. (Due to Google’s development technology, some items are not compatible with Internet Explorer.)

For more details on the system, please consult the Overview

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VectorDataSynergy Basic

VectorDataSynergy Pro

Through a free subscription, once the terms for using the system are accepted, users have access to several statistical analyses and GIS. These include:

  • Filters to select disease, region or locality of interest, and date range of available data.
  • Summary tables of specific disease cases.
  • Statistical analyses of case distribution according to date and locality.
  • Incidence graphs of various diseases according to the available data.
  • Graphical representation of case incidence related to meteorological variables.
  • Bar plot, boxplot and other statistical charts of interest and epidemiological utility.
  • Maps of case distribution according to the scale of the available data.
  • Heat maps.
  • Sharing site content through social media.

Clicking on the red bottom below opens the LogIn. Please create a user account by clicking on create free account link.

You will have viewing access to all features implemented on VectorDataSynergy Basic except the for importation or manipulation functions under the Data menu.
This feature is available only for representatives of Organizations/Institutions that sign an Agreement with VectorAnalytica.

If you are interested in importing and manipulating data within VectorDataSynergy Basic or you need customization with advanced features like VectorDataSynergy PRO, please contact us through

Provides advanced features that are custom designed for a particular use by a country, region, institution or organization. These specific features could include, among others:

  • Data entry that requires protection.
  • Import / export data.
  • Spatial analysis.
  • Customized reporting.
  • Integration with other data sources, forecasting models, and applications for mobile devices.

VectorDataSynergy Pro includes training, counseling and a help desk, and is offered as software as a service (SaaS) through AWS (Amazon Web Service), with the following advanced features:

  • Continuous development of software upgrades, in the background for the end user.
  • High security data standards, including disaster protection.
  • Access to efficient data processing technologies (cloud computing) including mass data analysis.
  • VectorDataSynergy Pro is a customizable web platform.
  • Service models other than SaaS are available.

The services of VectorDataSynergy Pro are offered under specific license and contracts, ensuring compliance with international standards of protection of information — such as HIPAA (Health Information Privacy Act) and IT (Information Technology).

Better monitoring and tracking with only a few clicks:

Relevant results, enhanced understanding and more effective decision making