...including trap and adult samples and entomological lab data
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Mobile Device Apps
for Vector Data Collection
VectorEntry: A primary data collection application

for official entomological surveillance systems

and mosquito control organizations
A component of the VectorDataSynergy platform

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VectorEntry Overview

Developed by VectorAnalytica, VectorEntry is a hybrid (Android) app for official use by public health agencies, foundations, and research institutions in their entomological surveillance, mosquito control, research studies, etc.
The basic features on this app include a secure end user registry module and a sample registry module with QR code scan, bar code scan and photo as options, as well as an offline map. As additional features, each project manager can design and build a new survey form to add to this app through the VectorAnalytica API. The end user can also add a new form by clicking on the Synchronize option under Setting.

• Project managers must request a VectorEntry account from the VectorAnalytica API and wait for approval from a VectorAnalytica administrator.
• Once project managers are approved, they complete a Project Registration process that includes submitting a Pre-Registration Project Data form with a list of the name and e-mail of each end user approved to report information through this mobile app for this project and customize app options allowed. Future projects can customize colors, logos, icons and other design elements.
• After registration is completed, the project manager sends a notification to each end user through the API email with an automated security Project Code generated by the VectorAnalytica API for exclusive use by that project.

• After downloading the app from Google play store, end users create their own account on the Create Account page, inserting the security Project Code they received through email from the project manager. End users’ email accounts must coincide with the one provided to the Project Manager. (Two-step security verification to minimize fraud)
• End users may work on more than one project using the same username and password. They must log in using appropriate project code.
• When the end user logs on, the local map and assigned questionnaires for this project will download. If the device’s GPS feature is active, the main views will show the map location point centered on the user’s current geolocation.
• End users then click on the icon on the lower left of the Main View to reveal the Survey Form. (If the project has more than one surveys form, users will choose one from a list).
• End users complete Survey Form Queries and click on the Save icon at the bottom of the Survey Form View to save captured data to the mobile device (users will be able to edit or delete any record on local device before sending it to the server).
• When internet access is reestablished, end users can synchronize the app with the server and all selected data will be sent to the server.
• Once sent to the server, all data will be scrubbed from that device.
• All data will synchronize with the VectorDataSynergy (VDS) analytical engine for further processing with other variables integrated on this system.
• Authorized VDS users will be able to use this data for analysisFor more details on the system you can consult the Overview

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