1. What kind of software does VectorAnalytica develop?

VectorAnalytica creates customized mobile and web applications with intuitive and easy to use interfaces. VectorAnalytica’s core products are applications for research and decision-making in public health and medicine; however they are not limited to this field.

2.What do you mean by “customized software”?

Customized means that the clients define the functionalities to be installed in the application. VA can suggest features according to the overall design but the client may order desired changes and can even ask for a particular functionality not previously programmed.

3.Who controls my data, how secure are they, and where are they located?

The client owns the data and serves as “data controller” for all app data processing. The data can be hosted on the cloud or on one or more private servers, but only the client handles the data and sets up and controls all access authorizations.

4.What happens to my data on the cloud if the contract with VA ends or the application subscription expires?

The data is always owned by the client. Upon termination or expiration of the license, the owner should export the data from the VA cloud space to another host. The license agreement will specify authorized use of data by VA during the licensing period.

5.Must VA manage sensitive information from my company to create my order?

No, the only information to which VA needs access concerns the specific problem to be solved. In case the problem to be solved is considered “sensitive information”, VA will sign a non-disclosure agreement.

6.What is the scalability of the system?

From neighborhood block to entire country-level or even larger geographic regions, including arbitrary boundaries as defined by the customer.

7.In what programming language are the maps?

Java language, HTML5, JavaScript, GIS, R ( ), Cloud computing.

8.What about privacy issues surrounding clinical data?

HIPAA is implemented

9.Why does VA use R instead of e.g., ArcGIS or ESRI?

R is free, with a large development community, excellent documentation and forum. R has algorithms that are more current than ArcGIS, MapInfo, ArcView or other GIS. R’s map quality is comparable to or better than that of other GIS services.

10.What is the web software’s security level on the cloud?

Our web software uses the security services AWS provide. Network firewall built into Amazon VPC, Encryption across all services, DDoS mitigation, data encryption in the database services, authentication using AWS IAM with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) using CloudWatch. We consider a Medium-High level of security is used in all our web apps. We are ready to implement additional security measures and controls as necessary to keep the data secure and privacy protected.

11.What is the security situation with the two mobile apps?

The mobile apps connect to the services through encrypted channels using TSL, the data in the device is encrypted. MosquitoTracker is public; MyQueryFormis for exclusive use by registered public health employees. MyQueryForm sessions expire after 15 minutes of inactivity. If connectivity is unavailable, any data captured are stored on device. When connectivity is reestablished, users must re-register to synchronize the data. Security levels can be increased as required.

12.Can the system integrate with other similar country-wide surveillance systems such as Colombia’s SIVIGILA?


13.Can data by exported from VDS?

Yes, on standard formats like excel, csv and pdf for now –but only by authorized users.

14.Can data be imported from third party providers? How?

Yes, through the web interface or using the API of third party providers such as weather services, census tracts, etc.

15.How do you decide what publicly available data is trustworthy enough to upload to VDS?

Only data officially published by a governmental or other officially recognized institution in each country, or provided by VA’s partners.

16.How much does the software suite cost?

Several Software as a Service (SaaS) packages are available, depending on number of users and functionalities requested. For more info,  email us at

17.How long do the analytics take to run?

Running time depends on various factors such as: quantity of data, type of analysis, variables included in analysis, but it ranges from seconds to hours. Our system prioritizes fast and concurrently running algorithms.

18.How do I get started?

Contact us at to register for access to SurveyAppMaker, through which users design and develop a customized survey form for data entry on MyQueryForm mobile app.  To view VectorDataSynergy BASIC features go to and create a free account.