Use mosquitoTracker to report mosquito breeding sites.

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Mosquitoes are one of the deadliest animals in the world. Their ability to carry and spread disease to humans causes millions of deaths every year.  MosquitoTracker is a powerful and userfriendly app to help a community to report potential mosquito breeding sites and could help to the Public Health Officials to have better mosquito control.

VectorAnalytica has been contributing to Mosquito’s information after the 2019 World Mosquito Day, publishing a free web application synchronized hourly with MosquitoTracker mobile app to visualize all data collected. The official web site is at 

 The free mobile can be downloaded from GooglePlay or Apple Store

MosquitoTracker is a free mobile app for photographing and reporting potential mosquito breeding sites anywhere in the world. Reports submitted through MosquitoTracker are automatically integrated into VectorDataSynergy, a companion web platform that integrates and analyzes vector-borne disease data.

VectorDataSynergy processes all entered reports about mosquito presence in that area and correlates it with other information such as the number of clinical cases, climatic data, population density, etc. With this software, risk analyses for small areas such as neighborhoods or municipalities can be generated in real time. In turn, these risk maps inform community alert notifications and allow spraying and vaccination campaigns to be prioritized to the most vulnerable populations and communities.

Mosquito Tracker EMPOWERS citizen scientists

Free download

MosquitoTracker can be downloaded Free on Google Play Store and ITunes. No registration or login required to start reporting and collecting data.

Multilingual & translatable

English and Spanish are allowed by default. Other languages are available upon request at

Real time Integration

All data collected are immediately integrated into the VectorDataSynergy database for analysis. Citizen science reports can be an important source of information to identify risk of infection.

Easy to use interface

Take a photo as evidence of a mosquito breeding site. Write an optional description. Save/send your data. Date and GPS are automatically incorporated into the report.

Working offline

Before leaving internet connectivity download the map of the area from which you will be reporting. The app will work there while you're offline -- and even if your device runs out of power. Reports saved on the device can be uploaded to the server for integration with VectorDataSynergy when you're back online.

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