Plans and Pricing

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Modules, Items and features BASIC
(Open Access)
   System administration
- Multiple level administration check-box
- Customized settings check-box
- Weather variables check-box check-box
- Bioclimatic variables check-box
- Census data check-box
- Other diseases or plagues check-box
- Vector Borne-disease cases reports check-box check-box
- Entomology data check-box
- Data export CSV, PDF, XLS check-box check-box
- MosquitoTracker data integration check-box check-box
- MyQueryForm data integration check-box
- Advanced export (json, sas, spss) check-box
- Time Series Plots check-box check-box
- Bar plot check-box check-box
- Stacked bar plot check-box check-box
- Regression Analysis check-box
- Cluster dendrograms check-box
- ANOVA check-box
- Advanced Statistics check-box
- Choropleth maps check-box check-box
- Point Maps check-box check-box
- Heat Maps check-box check-box
- Bubble maps check-box
- Multivariate maps check-box
- Comparative maps check-box
- Risk maps check-box
 - Cluster maps check-box
- Kriging maps check-box
- Advanced Spatial Analysis check-box
 Simulation and Forecasting
- Time series forecasting check-box
- SIR Models check-box
- Standard Reports check-box
- Customized Reports check-box
- Alert Notifications check-box


US$ 39.00
US$ 57.00
US$ 85.00
Number of projects 1 2 - 5 6-20
All query form elements, without location and “Add Blocks” element check-box
All query form elements, without “Add Blocks” check-box
All query form elements check-box
Maximum number of records (per day on server) 500 1000 3000
Number of query forms per project 1-5 6-10 11-20
Number of users per project 1-5 6-20 21-50
Customer support by email check-box check-box check-box
Data export CSV, PDF, XLS without “Add Blocks” element check-box check-box check-box
Data exports CSV, PDF, XLS (all query form elements) check-box
Advanced export (json, sas, spss) check-box
Share query forms between projects check-box
Storage space limit 1 Gb 5 Gb 15 Gb
External database synchronization check-box
Additional usersCost per user/month
1-10 usersUS$ 60
11-50 usersUS$ 53
51-100 usersUS$ 47
101-300 usersUS$ 38
300-500 usersUS$ 25
>500 userscontact us