With SurveyAppMaker users design, create and deploy their own survey forms for mobile data capture with MyQueryForm app. Customized query forms can incorporate text fields, numerals, dates, photos, bar codes and QR codes, etc., as well as an element we call Add Block, additional questions that follow up on the previous answer and that appear dynamically on the survey form as needed. More than one project, each with a variety of survey forms, can be designed and managed with this hybrid application. Integrate all data captured on MyQueryForm with VectorDataSynergy  or export to different formats (coming soon).

Four simple steps and your app is ready to go.

Register Organization

This optional step links a project to a particular organization or institution, or an individual manager to one or more projects.

Create project

Enter basic settings such as project title, start-end dates, organization, country of operation and lowest geographical scale for which data will be entered on MyQueryForm

Build Survey

Create your own customized survey with elements  such as  text, numeral, bar code and QR code, photo, check box, etc. Your  survey will then be ready for activation on Android mobile app MyQueryForm.

Setting Project

Create your project staff members directory and alert contact directory(optional). Notify each member staff and alert contact you have, and MyQueryForm is Ready To GO (see userguide)

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We invite you to explore
SurveyAppMaker and MyQueryForm

Test drive sample MyQueryForm mobile app surveys built with SurveyAppMaker and explore how easy it is to capture real time data under both online and offline conditions.  Download MyQueryForm from Google Play Store and key in “guest2018” as project key, username and password. Download your area map and test the app with included query form for demo.

Go to the official web site application at for complete information

Request 14 days free trial from the web site or contact us for more information.

How SurveyAppMaker work?