Monitor, Track, and Anticipate
Vector-Borne Diseases

Start building a comprehensive, ICT-based, early

warning system for vector-borne diseases


VectorDataSynergy  is a web platform that applies the full potential of information communications technology to monitor, track, and anticipate outbreaks of vector-borne diseases.

VectorDataSynergy facilitates entry and access to data, analytic tools, and visualizations by integrating all three functions in a single platform, in real time.

This comprehensive platform is designed to serve as a shared information network that can assist  public health decision-makers, epidemiologists, scientists, and researchers by providing the evidence-based risk assessments — at a very local level and in real time — to better inform interventions and thereby improve public health outcomes.

Choose the Plan that Best Suits Your Needs:

VectorDataSynergy BASIC -- FREE!

VectorDataSynergy BASIC is an open access ICT platform offered as a public service for public health surveillance of mosquito-borne diseases. The site is currently populated with allowed surveillance data on zika, dengue and chikungunya from Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico, United States (at the geographical levels reported by those countries in their public epidemiological bulletins).

We invite collaborators to upload historical official data of vector-borne disease cases reported in public epidemiological bulletins or other official health archives and publications worldwide. Your collaboration will provide an invaluable contribution to public health surveillance by making this wealth of archived information immediately available for integration and analysis. VectorAnalytica will make all data, analyses, and visualizations available for consultation worldwide. Free of charge.

VectorDataSynergy BASIC also integrates, free of charge, reports entered through our MosquitoTracker mobile app. With this app communities throughout the world can locate and report potential mosquito breeding sites in their area.

 We invite concerned parties worldwide to undertake mosquito control campaigns using the free mobile app, Mosquito Tracker. All reports submitted through Mosquito Tracker automatically integrate into VectorDataSynergy’s analytics (see below). 

What can I do with VectorDataSynergy BASIC?


  • Heat, choropleth and point maps filtered by source, date, location, of selected variables integrated on platform, such as diseases and their classification, weather, historical mosquito occurrence, etc.
  • Heat maps and point maps of MosquitoTracker data submitted by citizen scientists 
  • Barplot, Stacked barplots and summary tables of selected variables, filtered by source, date, location.
  • Multivariate time series graphs of all diseases selected, visualized simultaneously with weather variables and filtered by source, date, location.


  • Download templates available on VDS to upload data of clinical cases, mosquito surveillance or trap surveys.
  • Import weekly cases of vector-borne diseases with official country data by administrative division using templates.
  • Submit citizen science reports of potential mosquito breeding sites (through free MosquitoTracker mobile app).
  • Import archived, official entomological data related to mosquito-borne diseases, by excel template.
  • Save all charts and plots in png, jpg, svg, and pdf formats.
  • Export data from tables in csv, excel, and pdf formats.

VectorDataSynergy BASIC slide show

VectorDataSynergy PRO

VectorDataSynergy PRO is offered as platform as a service (PaaS), hosted either on Amazon Web Services or on client’s own server.

Depending on the plan selected, users can run a variety of advanced mapping, statistics, modeling and predictive analytics on their proprietary data. Results can be filtered by task, geographic level, date range, disease or pathogen as requested by the user (see Gallery Tab for examples). Built-in analytic and mapping software, as well as extensive programming, imports and harmonizes data from third party providers. The end-user development that makes VectorDataSynergy PRO possible is unavailable elsewhere in one place. 

All data remain at all times the property of the user.

Advanced features currently available for customization include:

  • Design and incorporate additional mobile applications and APIs.
  • Enter proprietary primary data from mobile apps or csv and excel files.
  • Import, cleanse, and standardize user's historical data.
  • Run forecast and simulation models (on VectorAnalytica's and/or client's algorithms). (See Gallery).
  • Perform advanced statistical and spatial analyses on demand. Consult visualized results. (see Gallery).
  • Produce maps and stats of client data -- integrated with demographic information imported from census tracts.
  • Produce standard or customized reports that include current data, processing results, and visualizations. At any time.
  • Take advantage of cost effective cloud computing and mass data analysis.
  • Host proprietary instance of the platform on either client's server or as an instance on the cloud.
  • Trust AWS high security standards, including disaster protection.
  • Rely on VectorAnalytica's continuous development of software upgrades, in the background for the end user.
  • Enable multi level administration.
  • Arrange for additional custom features, upon request.
  • Export / Import data in many formats.
  • Customize Setting options to manage variables, visualization options, etc.
  • Automate MyQueryForm data integration.

Import historical data from templates

Best practices and standardization

Examples of VectorDataSynergy’s analytics and visualizations are available under Gallery tab menu. These features are available for customization with the PRO plan.

To view detailed modules and features in the Pro plan, click on blue button below.

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