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Web and Mobile technology integrated in one platform

All you need to integrate mobile and web technology for data collection, data integration, analysis, visualizations, and reports into one platform.

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A New Platform

VectorAnalytica is launching a new and customizable version of its Integrated Cloud Platform for standardized data collection using mobile app technology synchronized with a web platform. Data entered by mobile app are integrated with other data sources to yield greater insight and comprehension of current conditions and future trends. End users need not have special skills in computer science, maths, stats, or GIS to obtain statistical analysis, mapping and reports processed by state of the art algorithms. Available worlwide at any geografical scale.

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Main Features


Web-Based applications can run on UNIX, Windows or Mac OS and and mobile device for both Android and iOS.


Programmed in modular and user friendly interfaces, no math, stats or GIS skills required.


Modules (and functionalities within each module) are contracted for according to client’s specifications.


Allows quick modifications, configuration changes, additions and substitutions without significant changes in the system’s overall architecture.


From neighborhood block to entire country-level -- or even larger geographic regions, including arbitrary areas with non-administrative boundaries as defined by the client's customer.


User access is restricted by user-role permission for secure cloud storage. Antivirus and anti-catastrophe protection by AWS.

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