VectorAnalytica: Suite of Software Solutions

NEWS!! Recently, the  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) published the paper entitled “Advancing probabilistic epidemic forecasting through an open challenge: The Dengue Forecasting Project” with the participation of VectorAnalytica team.  Online access here


A web app engine that (in real time) integrates and processes all data entered from any source, including MyQueryForm and MosquitoTracker.


A web application to create mobile surveys on MyQueryForm app (includes dynamical query forms with QR codes). You can also manage staff and data collection for each project.


An Android and iOS mobile app now, for citizen scientists to report potential mosquitoes breeding sites. All data is automatically integrated into VectorDataSynergy for analysis.


A mobile app for official primary GIS-tagged data entry even under offline conditions. All query forms are built with SurveyAppMaker.

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