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In one system, the customized Cloud Engine Platform integrates data from different sources including records collected in real time on mobile apps. The platform then automatically – processes that data with powerful built-in algorithms and displays the results in maps and graphs. 

Results are then displayed on interactive tables, maps and graphs to support timely interventions. The platform’s key features are modular design and backend development that are powerful, scalable, and easy to use by communities that cannot afford to contract personnel with specialized skills in maths, stats and GIS or pay for additional software packages to crunch the data.

Highly customizable, scalable and flexible, the main modules and functionalities are listed in Specs.

Delivered as Platform as a Service in three levels of service: Basic, Pro and Enterprise.

Meet our mobile apps


Android and iOS mobile app to collect official data using digital survey forms created directly on the Platform using the powerful drag and drop interface. MyQueryForm is a universal app for collecting a variety of data type elements such as Lat/Long, date, date-time, time, barcode/QRcode, integer, numeric, text-line, text-box, checkbox, checkbox group, radio button, photo, including special query form element “question block” to build dynamical mobile query forms.
It is particularly suitable for data pertaining to entomology, clinical epidemiology, social determinants, and other public health conditions.
When internet connection is absent, data collected through MyQueryForm will be stored on the device. Once connectivity is restored, data records are sent to the server using secure encryption algorithms.
See an interactive web and mobile query forms simulation below section.


Free Android and iOS mobile application for reporting potential mosquito breeding sites to assist authorities with improving risk assessment of mosquito presence in local areas.
Designed for use by the general population in public awareness campaigns at the neighborhood level, MosquitoTracker encourages the community to report public health risks associated with mosquitoes.

Useful for school and scout projects, public service campaigns, science classes, and other citizen science projects.

MosquitoTracker can be linked to any site where mosquitoes reproduce but it is especially recommended for locations without official mosquito surveillance.

Reports submitted through MosquitoTracker will be integrated into any customized platform developed by VectorAnalytica as requested by the customers.

Interactive mobile app and web simulation

MyQueryForm: main screen overview

To see the description of each element of the MyQueryForm main screen, click on the green circles in the image below.

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