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Survey Form Design

Converting paper forms and surveys into digital format using current technology can be tedious without adequate tools and training.

We offer web platforms that include mobile app tools with which to build your own survey forms easily and quickly. These apps synchronize automatically with the companion web application. We also offer advisory and consultancy services to assist in optimally tailored survey form design. Full service survey form design and creation also available in 1 – 48 hours depending of complexity.

Data Analysis

Forecasting Models
Spatial Analysis
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The platform includes interactive analysis such as basic statistics, time series, and mapping. Our customized analytical services extend much further to include  multivariate statistical analysis, spatial analysis, and forecasting models based on the customer’s various data sources integrated into the platform.

All analyses are included in the Reports function. 

Report Design

VectorAnalytica offers advisory and consultancy services for converting data available on the client’s platform into useful information for research and actionable decision-making.

Different types of reports are designed and implemented for the client using a variety of analyses and sections.

Depending on their role and authorization level, users can generate comprehensive and real time reports automatically.

Curacao Vector Control Report

Data collection training

Sint Eustatius Training 2019

VectorAnalytica’s  integration platform, which includes data entry through the web interface and mobile devices, is designed for those unfamiliar with these technologies. It requires minimal instruction that is included as part of VectorAnalytica’s technical support.

We also offer specialized training for those clients who request it. Our specialists assist clients to ensure the correct use of technology. We have also provided soup to nuts service, from survey form creation to its implementation in the field.

We specialize in designing, training, and implementing vector surveillance and control activities programs for agencies at all geographic scales.

Complementary Services

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